Friday, July 11, 2008

My wonderful nephews

The first two scrapbook pages I created were in honor of my little nephews. The oldest just turned 3 years old and the baby is almost 3 months old now.

Here is David serenading me as I was packing to return home after visiting his grandma (my mom) for two months. He knew how sad I was to be leaving them I think

This one is of the baby, Joshua. While I was visiting home I had my foot operated on and was ordered to sit with it elevated for over two weeks. Joshua kept me company during that time either cuddling in my arms are laying on a pillow in my lap. Oh how I miss his coos and smiles!

New to Blogger!

I have recently gotten into creating digital scrapbook pages and wanted a place to show them off. So I decided to do so here! Please check back soon for samples of my work as well as my thoughts on every day matters. :D